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We are a broadcast consulting group with a super-wide portfolio from contracts with major broadcasters to rights deals and distribution of programming, news and social media. We work with federations, channels, venue, events, sponsors and brands to deliver the highest quality production and distribution services across the globe.
Sports Media Frontiers professional has an award-winning reputation for delivering broadcast solutions to UAE.
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Salome Fernandes stands out as a seasoned media professional with an impressive tenure spanning three decades in the events and sports business. With an expansive career across Broadcast Media and government positions, her journey is a testament to her dynamic capabilities and versatility in the industry.

She graduated from Mumbai University and started her journey as a freelancer with OnCue Productions, which specialized in Stage Management and Events for Bollywood dealing with artists, performers, presenters, choreographers, technical and telecast crews. She then delved into the world of sponsorships, where she managed the ad sales bookings across Star TV’s premium channels Star World, Star Movies, National Geographic, and Channel V marking her initial foray into the media world.

She moved to Dubai, UAE in 2003 and worked with Taj TV where she headed the programming and acquisition operations and was responsible for defining scheduling strategies and operational workflow across the sports channels and played a vital role in the launch of Ten Cricket, Ten HD, Ten Golf, Ten Action, and Ten Sports Middle East. Strategically planned the content scheduling for Ten Network channels in the  Indian Subcontinent, Football Channel for Star Hub in Singapore, Goal TV 1 & 2 for Yes TV in Asia, Cricket Plus and Zee Sports America in the US and North America & ASN Network. With associations with major cricket boards and high-profile football leagues, her proficiency spans from cricket and football to tennis, golf, motorsports, rugby, athletics, and other sports

Through her initiatives on syndication for cricket and MENA Golf, she effectively propelled revenue growth. Her insights also contributed to increasing revenue streams from cricket footage sales to Ad films, Cricket Flims & Airlines, and other ventures like Taj TV Studios and Edit Bay rentals. She conceptualized on-air contests to bolster promotions and enhance viewership. At Dubai Media INC’s channel Dubai Sports Channel, She held a pivotal role in sports rights acquisitions, extending her expertise to managing sports events in Dubai, her portfolio includes high-profile events such as The Dubai Duty-Free Tennis, Dubai Marathon, Dubai Darts Masters, Premier Futsal, Kabaddi Masters and more, She was instrumental in the host broadcaster media services for the monumental Expo 2020.

Salome was Honored with the issuance of a Patent Medal and certificate from Dubai Police together with the Government of Dubai, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai for distinguished efforts and achievements at Expo 2020. At the core of her professional ethos lies a staunch belief echoed by colleagues and sports pundits ”World-class quality production in sports guarantees maximum reach!” This sentiment showcases her unwavering commitment to excellence and the transformative power of sports.

Salome Fernandes’ illustrious career speaks volumes of her commitment, expertise, and passion for the world of sports media. Her endeavors, marked by significant achievements and contributions, position her as a leading figure in the industry.

Dale Dias Managing Director of Sports Media Frontiers boasts a multifaceted persona that extends far beyond his corporate role. With a rich blend of talents, he is not only a dynamic leader but also a versatile artist and musician.

With an extensive background in the media and entertainment sector, Dale has proven himself as an accomplished leader. Dale’s expertise in various aspects of media operations, including events management, equipment rental, and logistics support, has been finely honed through years of experience. He was associated with esteemed networks such as STAR TV India, TEN Sports in Dubai, and OSN Network in Dubai, demonstrating his proficiency in managing intricate media operations.

Dale’s talent for launching successful media channels is particularly noteworthy. He played a vital role in the channel operations for Goal TV, The Football Channel TV, which gained a substantial following in East Asia and mainland China, City 7 (a prominent news channel in Dubai), ART Prime Sports (serving the MENA region), OSN Cricket (catering to MENA audiences), and Willow TV (a popular cricket destination in the USA). These achievements underscore his ability to not only recognize market opportunities but also effectively execute channel launches that resonate with diverse audiences. Adding to his rich tapestry of interests, Dale harmonizes his passions by lending his voice to the International Deutsche Welle Choir in Germany, showcasing his musical flair alongside his prowess in the media landscape.

We are creative

In an era where digital technology is redefining how the world consumes content, Sports Media Frontiers stands as a trailblazer in the realm of sports media. The company has not only carved a niche in media rights distribution but has also showcased its expertise in consulting on live sports production, venue management, and event management. This write-up aims to shed light on our comprehensive suite of services and our innovative approach to bringing sports closer to fans around the globe.
Media Rights Distribution:

Global Reach: With connections spanning across continents, Sports Media Frontiers ensures that sports content reaches every corner of the globe. From top-tier to niche sporting events, Our distribution network is unparalleled.

Monetization Strategies: Beyond mere distribution, We offer strategic insights to maximize revenue from media rights. Our deep understanding of regional market dynamics ensures rights holders get optimal value for their content

Broadcast Solutions, Live Sports Production and Sponsorships:

Technological Prowess: Leveraging the latest in broadcasting technology, from 4K UHD broadcasts to Virtual Reality, Sports Media Frontiers helps its partners produce state-of-the-art live sports events.

Production Expertise: Our team of consultants, with years of on-ground experience, offers invaluable insights into logistics, crew management, assisting with filming permits, and broadcast quality optimization.

Venue Management:

Optimal Utilization: Whether it’s a historic stadium or a modern-day arena, Sports Media Frontiers ensures venues are at world-class standards and ensure they are utilized to their fullest potential.

Event Management:

End-to-End Execution: From conceptualizing an event to its final execution, Sports Media Frontiers offers a holistic approach. This includes everything from securing permits to handling post-event reviews.

Innovative Engagement: Understanding the importance of fan engagement, We introduce innovative elements to events, like augmented reality experiences and fan zones, creating a memorable experience for attendees.


The world of sports media is evolving, and the future looks incredibly promising. Their dedication to enhancing the sports viewing and attending experience, combined with their commitment to technological innovation and excellence, ensures they remain at the forefront of this dynamic industry. Whether you’re a sports federation, a venue owner, or a broadcaster, partnering with Sports Media Frontiers guarantees a step toward the future of sports entertainment.

We operate a content company with a remarkably broad portfolio. From big-budget host broadcast projects to branded movies; from agreements with major broadcasters to rights agreements and the dissemination of content, news, and social media. To provide the best production or distribution service everywhere in the world, we collaborate with federations, channels, events, teams, sponsors, and brands. Look around to see if you can find something you like.
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